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Security Designing

Security design is performed in a way which renders any reproduction complicated or impossible and the duplication or scanned version could be easily revealed. Creating such feature in security deeds and documents demands development of special software programs. A designer uses his creativity and proficiency to bring out special effects and distinctive features by help of the capabilities of software programs. Some of these designs are not noticeable to laypersons revealing counterfeiting when a deed or document is forged. In the margin of documents are formulated geometric curvatures and unique patterns which play a significant role in the security of documents.
Not only must a document include security elements of high precision and measurement but also it needs to possess integrity and inseparable. A robust software program can step up designing processes and facilitate the production of security elements resulting in more harmony and integrity.

The more complex designs and techniques, the more difficult the production and printing will be. Hence the document will be more counterforfeiting.
These items are of various stages which are carried out along with the security printing which is subsequently comprised of designing, security machinery and security inks.
Some samples of designing effects:
-Unique design and guilloches
-A range of micro elements
-Hidden images
-See-through images
-Pantographic images and the like