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The printing machines are capable of printing 8000 sheets per hour. With high speed, top quality, and unique functionality of the printing machines, the company has outperformed its rivals locally and internationally.
Laminated cards: Through modern sophisticated devices, the company has realized the production of tens of thousand magnetic cards daily. It is noteworthy that the very capacity is being provided through multiple and separate production lines in case of failure.

Chip embedding :

Laleh Computer Co. carries out the chip embedding process on site, using a large number of machines that would, in turn, result in a marked increase in the production capacity. These items of equipment have made it technically possible to embed any types of chips with high precision.

Personalization :

One of the strengths of the company rests on its high-tech production line of industrial machinery, being capable of personalizing a variety of cards, including scratch-off cards, magnetic cards, memory cards, smart cards, contactless cards, etc. In keeping with the maximum-security and international standards, all of the machines are maintained using up-to-date software programs. As to personalization, it is possible to supply tens of thousands of scratch-off cards, smart cards, memory cards, and contactless cards on daily basis.

Mailing :

An automated mailing system performs the packing of a variety of cards. Additionally, based on the data derived from the cards and the respective databases, the mailing machine, enjoying the built-in capability, writes out requisite information on the accompanying documents or the card envelope. Moreover, additional items could also be included in the envelope such as card cases. The production of hundreds of thousands of enveloped cards has become possible on a daily basis.