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Prepress is a stage in the printing and publishing industrieswhich is the processes between designing, print layoutand the final printing.

This stage involves the preparation of graphic files, plates, printing forms, mounting of texts and images on a printing pressas well as quality control of printing componentsduring printing procedures.

In the past, prepress would involve mostly hardware items. Meaning that designers, operators, and specialists would perform this process by help of manual tools through procedure which were more complex than those being used now. Presently, since technologies have developed significantly together with their respective complexities and requirements, the designing process needs its own software programs and most previously manual adjustmentsare now being superseded by automatic and software based methods. Some of the most professional and widely used software programs are InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXPress. Nowadays, after the designing and layout procedures have been completed, final results are prepared in certain formats for the output files to be sent for printing.