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RFID Print

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which has attracted considerable attention around the world as the latest identification technology. The advantage of this technology is so notable in terms of speed and accuracy in a range of identification processes that a plethora of companies, private and state-run organizations are engaging in large projects, all over the world, to utilize it for the optimization of processes. Being among the world`s top 10 technologies in the last five years is still another reason why this technology is significantly growing in various aspects of the lives of humanity.
In comparison, the utilization of this technology due to its advantages has been distinguishably recognized and being used in the design and execution of most identification systems.

RFID based system components


1- Tag A transponder tag is consisted of small memory and an antenna which is delivered in various forms such as labels, key chain, cards and the like. Tags are capable of storing data on memories on board in case they might be used for identification.

2- Reader This piece of hardware is used for the data to be written into or read out of tags.


The RFID software manages data processing, storage, and retrieval into and from databases as well as controlling and transmitting commands for data transmission from and to readers and tags. Therefore, the software component in the RFID based system plays significant role without which hardware components are useless.


Currently, RFID technology is being widely used at accredited libraries around the world to implement comprehensive process automation systems bringing about better services for the clients as one of the important advantages of the technology.
In addition, industries have benefited from RFID for a huge range of processes some of which include:

Airport and highway transportations,
localization of trucks and freight vehicles, passenger baggage control and issuing boarding pass, and automatic tollway systems

Supply chain management
Inventory management, assets control, localization, production cycle control, sales, commerce, and after sales services

Security and access control systems
Administrative and commercial compounds integrated security management system, localization of personnel, access control systems, automatic parking systems

Payment systems
Subway ticket and bus fare payment, credit systems of various premises such as hotels